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How can you apply for the FRC form in NADRA Pakistan?

Today we are exploring the process of FRC( Family Registration Certificate). If you are living in Pakistan then you need a family certificate for different purposes .There are few easy steps to complete the process. Lets begin.


Make account on NADRA website with few few easy steps. After making account login in account . after logging in you click on start new application. after starting new application click on FRC option. After selecting FRC option you see two other option . One is FRC with spouse and children and other option is FRC with parents and siblings. Now you choose one of them.

After choosing one of them you write Identity card number of the applicant and press the arrow . After pressing the arrow sign if you are eligible the you start the next step.

Next step is uploading the picture . Read the instructions carefully and upload the picture . Picture is in passport size and in white back ground. After selecting the picture then press on upload sign. After uploading the the next step is fees pay. You pay the fees with any credit card on the website without leaving the page. After submitting the fees the data of nadra you can see.

Next step is to provide the information of the family members which have any proof from NADRA.
After submitting the data of family members next process is finger prints. PAK Identity app providing the facility of online fingerprints . So open the app and try for finger prints. After fingerprints next step is download the form . After downloading and printing the form, applicant sign the form and fill the date .
After completing the form scan the form i n 600dpi in grey scale and upload the form in site giving box. After uploading the form the final step is to review the application and submit. After submitting the form in 24 hours you will receive an email with your required Family Registration Form . Down load the form and print it out and now use for different purposes. Thanks for

FRC form
FRC form

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